Realm of Empires
Contacting Support

Please use the guide below to find out how to contact us in your situation.

I have a problem with my servants purchase

I want to report serious abuse by a player.
We strive to keep the game fun for everyone. If you feel someone broke our terms of use please let us know. NOTE that in-game threats and comments on your game play ability are not considered abuse. For more explanation of what we consider abuse, see our further explanation of the terms of use .

Please note! In case of abuse or profanity or such, only report abuse if you are seriously offended! This is a game of conflict and emotions sometimes run high. We will only deal with serious cases of abuse.

If the nature of the abuse is excessive profanity or insults, you must wait and report the case to us 24 hours AFTER the occurance of the abuse. We will not take action on any reports sent earlier since in most of the cases, emotions subside, and involved parties make amends without the 'big brother' getting involved - everybody wins.

For abuse on clan forums, first contact clan administrators. We will typically not police clan forums since the clan administrators have the power of silencing such people. We will deal with serious cases such as real-life threats.

Also, note that you can block a person from being able to send you in-game messages. Open a message from the person you want to block and click the "Block Person" link. This is the easiest and quickest method of silencing the abuser.

Note! Abuse of this system, ie, reporting little things in order to damage a player, will be considered a serious offense and may result in action taken against you.

If this is very serious abuse, and/or 24 hours passed since it occured, then please contact us here.  

I found a bug that I want to report.
If you found a bug or think you did, please let us know! We reward players who provide pivotal clues to help us solve bugs.

Please contact us here.

I want to report cheating or suspected cheating or any other case of abuse of our Terms of Use.
For cases of abuse of our terms of use OTHER THAN PERSONAL INSULTS, please see I want to report a serious abuse by a player above.

For suspected cheating or other Terms of Use abuse, please contact us here.

I have a question about game play.
If you are not sure what to do or how to accomplish something in game, then follow this guide to quickly resolve your problem:

Step 1 - Discuss in your Clan Chat or Realm Chat.

Step 2 - Post your question in the Throne room Global Chat.
We monitor those chats quite often. If the inquiry is not appropriate for in game chat, then please contact us here.

For all other support inquiries...

Please post your question on Throne Room global chat.
We monitor those chats quite often and will be able to help you.
If the inquiry is not appropriate for in game chat, then please contact us here.